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Travel towards the unknown, meet people, respect the Earth !!

Welcome to Aventures Bicyclétales !!

 Who am I ?
 Where am I going ? 
 Why on a bicycle ?
An "aventure bicyclétale", it's a two-wheeled little miracle which combines discoveries around the world, respect of others and protection of the environment. So let's get in the saddle !

After 10 years in Asia, I decided to go home, to Châteaudun in France. I left on Sunday the 29th of June 08 ... and I arrived about a year and a half ago.

Trip map ...

A bicycle provokes this same change of condition which you can't feel if you keep both feet stuck on the ground. Cycling, it's like swimming in the air.

     What's new ?
  • I am in FRANCE.
  • I cycled 20,904 km.
  • There are 0 km to go, I'm home.
  • I'm now working in the solidarity and sustainable mobility field ...
  • Read my travel journals !
   Chateaudun - Eure et Loir - France   .
Cycling is a clean and ecological way of moving around, 
all the opposite of driving a motor vehicle ...
... read here everything you have always wanted to know about pollution from motor transport !
aaaaaIn addition to my carbon neutral journey, I am trying to compensate all my past carbon emissions, amounting to 400 tons, aaaaain order to BECOME CO2 NEUTRAL again. For more information about the carbon offseting concept and global aaaaawarming, click here ! And if you wish to help me offset the remaining 100 tons of carbon, click here to see how !

CO2 Offset Certificate 1/8    CO2 Offset Certificate 2/8     CO2 Offset Certificate 3/8     CO2 Offset Certificate 4/8     CO2 Offset Certificate 5/8     CO2 Offset Certificate 6/8    CO2 Offset Certificate 7/8 awaiting for donation    CO2 Offset Certificate 8/8 awaiting for donation
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Reducing your ecological footprint ...

La neutralite en carbone

 Project realized with the  support of the following
lainnCaisse des Francais a l'Etranger    Climat Mundi    Credit Mutuel Chateaudun

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